Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yesterday and why I'm still up

Dear Diary~

Watched The Thing for the first time. Fantastic movie by the way. =3 Even didn't mind the ending though, it seemed kind of weird...  I mean... why did our main character just completely give up? Oh well, still enjoyed it.

So yeah, why I'm still up. Just insomnia. No one I know is awake right now, so I'm just on the internet, surfing it.

Also I think the new medication may be having some weird side-effects, which I'll be discussing with my doctor. I'm sure he'll work with me to make sure I either get the right dosage, or a new medication. Though I hate doing new medications, cause it takes like a week for them to level out and start working properly. XP

Oh and I'm loving The Whalestoe Letters. =3 If I have the free time, I think I'll try getting House of Leaves and readin through it. I mean... I do have a lot of free time... just whether I really want to get that involved with a book.

That's it for now. See you later internets.

Bernard Laguardia

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