Wednesday, December 14, 2011

not crazy....

dear diary~

I'm not mAd i'm not Mad i'm NOT mad OKAY?!

My god whY is it that all of this has to be happening now? Really, i'm just sO fucking scared... Oh and my doctor is useless. "Maybe you should try not watchIng Scary things." no shit you bumbling iDiot. Am i Really that mad? i thinK not. how could I hallucinate things as horrifying as this. My only concern now is why this is happening And what the things I've been seeing are. maybe someone will Finally comment on heRe and let me know whAt's going on... I mean i've lookeD up slender man online... but I don't understand what i've done to deserve his attention...

please someone talk to me.......

bernard laguardia


  1. I'm sorry for what has happened, but you should be aware the Narrator has linked your blog. You should look into that.

    If you need refuge you can come to New Jersey, we have a small sanctuary warded off.

  2. I was keeping
    quiet because
    I was unsure
    what to say.

    But I am...
    I am familiar
    with the feelings
    you are experiencing.

    You are not mad.

  3. @TheShadyLady Thanks for the information, I found his blog... I really don't understand what I've done to warrant this interest, but at least now I can see the blog of someone who is involved...

    Thanks. If things get too bad I might take you up on that offer.

    @Ember Fay Thank you for the reassurance. It really does help...