Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dream Post 1

I start...

In my bedroom, and in the corner to my left is Him. He's just looming over me, but as I sit up he fades back into the blackness of my room. I turn the light on and slowly get up, rubbing my eyes. I start to walk past the window in my room and stop, looking out, I see Braen (I know it's him because of the mask that The Narrator had drawn.). He's staring up at me, and I can see the ground around him is covered in the black sludge that's leaking from his mask. I start to back up, but feel the house shudder and suddenly the floor tilts downward and the wall collapses. I fall out onto the lawn, Braen only about 15 feet from me. I stumble a bit as I get up and run to the right, trying to go around the corner of my house, but feel something grab my ankle and fall. I look back and see sludge completely covering my leg and slowly crawling up me, tendrils wrapping around my waist, covering more and more. I feel it constricting around my chest and let out a scream-

And I wake up...

This dream is connected to one other that I can remember, but I won't be posting about it, but I've already had a dream reoccur once before, so maybe it'll come up again.

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