Friday, December 16, 2011


Dear Diary~

I've been seeing other things... just... people... Like people walking around my house... I don't know who they are... some of them try to talk to me too, but I haven't acknowledged any of them... I mean... This must just be another hallucination...

My doctor is really angry with me... Well it's not my fault that he's being no help, and apparently can't see "The Narrator"'s blog. I know I'm not crazy! Two of the people following me back me up, and there's no way I could be hallucinating all of this...

Maybe I should actually try talking to these people... the ones that I'm seeing in my house... I mean... what do I stand to lose?

Oh and incase you were wondering, the dreams are still happening, and just as disturbing as ever... though I'll admit that they at least seem to have different story lines going on... I think I'll post tomorrow about what my dream is tonight, cause I'm sure to have another one.

If it seems like I'm being kind of... calm about this, I'm not. It's just that because I'm typing this out and can take my time,  I'm able to express myself in a little more of a logical manner... *deep breath* okay, I'm going to go watch some stuff on netflix and try and calm down... 

Bernard Laguardia

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