Monday, December 26, 2011


I'm sorry for not posting for the past few days... A lot has happened... m-my dreams? Yeah... that happened... I'm going to copy down the previous dreams here and insert the missing events that happened.

I wake up in my bedroom, and in the corner to my left is Him. He's just looming over me, but as I sit up he fades back into the blackness of my room. I turn the light on and slowly get up, rubbing my eyes. I start to walk past the window in my room and stop, looking out, I see Braen (I know it's him because of the mask that The Narrator had drawn.). He's staring up at me, and I can see the ground around him is covered in the black sludge that's leaking from his mask. I start to back up, but feel the house shudder and suddenly the floor tilts downward and the wall collapses. I fall out onto the lawn, Braen only about 15 feet from me. I stumble a bit as I get up and run to the right, trying to go around the corner of my house, but feel something grab my ankle and fall. I look back and see sludge completely covering my leg and slowly crawling up me, tendrils wrapping around my waist, covering more and more. I feel it constricting around my chest and let out a scream-

Suddenly the sludge seems to burn away, falling off of me and letting me go. I hear Braen scream and curse at me. I quickly get up and start running away from my house. I run as fast as I can towards the "forest", remembering my dream.

Soon I'm...

Running through a forest... From the look of it, I'd say it's probably the (partially) wooded area near my house. It's not a huge area, but it's deep enough that if you're in the middle you can't see out of the forest.

I'm running as hard and fast as I can, but soon I trip and fall. As I get up I can hear someone running behind me. I look back as I stand up and see Braen come running towards me. He's limping a bit though, and is holding his arm, black sludge seeping around his fingers. (from what I can tell, whatever I did to the sludge on me, made it back to him.) He reaches towards me and I see some of the sludge on his hand seem to leap from him. I turn and run as fast as I can, the sludge barely missing me.

As I run faster and faster I suddenly realize I can't hear him behind me anymore. I grin and start laughing, knowing I've escaped him. I slow down after a bit and find a series of trees that are a bit closer together. I then grab some branches that still have leaves on them from the ground and pile them up around the trees, making a small little area for me to hide in for the time. I quickly crawl into it and curl up, breathing heavily, but knowing that for the time being, I'm safe.

I close my eyes, starting to drift off to sleep...

I was just so tired that I pretty much passed out in there...

A-also... I looked at The Narrator's blog and read the rest of it... and the blog that it was connected to before... Drake... I know him... he mentioned an ex of his that was a furry... that was me... my character Raz? Yeah, that's my fursona... He's the ex I mentioned that believed in ghosts... I can't believe he's gone...

We were together for about two years... and we didn't really even break up... it's just that my family moved up north... so we couldn't really stay together... and about when he started going on the run is the last time I heard from him... he didn't tell me anything about what happened... and... that weird feeling I got... it happened the day he died... I can't stop crying...

I don't have a home anymore... Braen destroyed it... my parents were in there... god I hope they're okay... but... obviously this is about me... So I need to do like Drake and leave... I can't stay here... I'm going to have to go east to New Jersey... at least there I might be with some people who I can trust... If you read this, please email me the address for the place that you are all at... or at least an address near it, and I'll start heading that way... my email is

Bernard Laguardia

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  1. Hehehe you sir have a funny last name. We should be buddies. Hehehehe it'd be nuts!

    You could almost say its destiny. You should stop by, I'm sure I could provide lodging for you until you can find a more permanent place to live... Eheheh. It's time to party in Jersey, I think. And parties are the most fun when they involve funny glowing drinks and explosions... Hehe

    Don't worry, if you're not into the party-scene I'm sure I could convince you to join me... I'm VERY convincing. Hehehe.